ПЕТРОС ТРАНС. Вантажні перевезення в Європу ПЕТРОС ТРАНС. Вантажні перевезення в Європу
вул. Соборна 1, оф. 217 Рівне
+380682407916 +380678471720 ptrivne@gmail.com

About us

The PETROS TRANS company provides freight transportation services from Europe and Asia, transportation across Ukraine and the CIS, international transportation of any volume and various specifications.

We provide our own and rented trucks for delivery:

  • container ships and "Jumbo"
  • awning trucks
  • semi-trailers of different cubic capacity
  • grain carriers and platforms
  • refrigerators and isotherms
  • tanks of any type
  • rawls and platforms of all types and configurations

The client receives complete information about the movement of cargo and can monitor all stages of delivery in real time.

Transportation of goods from Europe can be carried out both in separate batches and as part of collective goods.